Extract. Inject. Repeat. Civic data journalism and its reciprocal influence on journalism practice. The 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference (ICA), Virtual Conference, May 20-27, 2020. (Raul Ferrer-Conill, Stefan Baack and David Cheruiyot). 

When media critics go on the offensive: Journalists’ (re)actions to personal attacks on social networks. The 5th Annual Conference on the Safety of Journalists – Digital Safety, Oslo, Norway, November 6-8, 2019. (David Cheruiyot).

Exit M4D, Enter Data4D? Exploring the potential for data-driven development. The 6th International Conference on Mobile Communication Technology for Development (M4D 2018), Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, November 15-16, 2018. (Leah Komen and David Cheruiyot).

A ‘Hotbed’ of Digital Empowerment? Media criticism in Kenya: Between playful engagement and co-option (Stuart Hall Award 2018 Winner). International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2018, Oregon (Toussaint Nothias and David Cheruiyot).

Fact-checking and journalism discourse: The perceived influence of data-driven non-profits in Africa. International Communication Association (ICA), Prague, Czech Republic, May 24-28, 2018. (David Cheruiyot, Raul Ferrer Conill and Stefan Baack).

Pan-Africanism as a laughing matter: (Funny) expressions of African identity on Twitter. International Communication Association (ICA) 2018 Conference, May 24-28, Prague, Czech Republic (David Cheruiyot and Charu Uppal).

Extract. Inject. Repeat: Expanding journalistic practice through civic technologies and data journalism. Nordic Data Journalism, 15-17 March 2018, Södertörn University, Sweden. (Raul Ferrer Conill and David Cheruiyot).

Gender and elections: Female journalists’ Twitter use. Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research (NordMedia), August 17-19, 2017, University of Tampere, Finland. (David Cheruiyot and Jessica Gustaffson).

De-westernizing data journalism. Mapping the use of data in African news media. Nordic Data Journalism, NODA17, Odense, Denmark (Raul Ferrer Conill and David Cheruiyot).

What’s the fuss about going natural? Afropolitanism and the politics of black women’s hair. Geomedia 2017, Karlstad University, Sweden, 9-12 May, 2017. (Lame Maatla Kenalemang and David Cheruiyot). 

New Pan-Africanism? – Expressions of African identity on Twitter. Nordic Africa Days 2016 conference, September 23-24, Uppsala, Sweden. (David Cheruiyot and Charu Uppal).

#SomeoneTellCNN – Media accountability from the perspective of Kenyans on Twitter. Africa Regional International Communication Association Conference (ICA), Nairobi, Kenya, October 19-21, 2016. (David Cheruiyot).

Cultural capital and homeland media consumption: The case of Somali immigrants in Sweden. International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), University of Leicester, UK (David Cheruiyot).

The case for communication rights: A rights-based approach to media development. International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference June 9-13, 2016, Fukuoka, Japan; (Charu Uppal, Paola Sartoretto and David Cheruiyot.

Constructive or destructive? The effect of bloggers’ criticism on journalists in Kenya. The Future of Journalism Risks, Threats and Opportunities, September 10-11, 2015, Cardiff, UK (David Cheruiyot).

Participatory media accountability: Evaluating the relevance of bloggers’ criticism on journalism practice. Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research (NordMedia 2015), Copenhagen, Denmark. (David Cheruiyot).

Media-critical bloggers: Towards a framework for understanding participatory media accountability. Shaping the Future of News Media, the International Conference on Integrated Journalism Education, Research and Innovation, Barcelona, Spain. (David Cheruiyot).

The ‘media arm’ of a global court: Cosmopolitanism and the International Criminal Court’s ‘TV series’ on Kenya’s trials. Geomedia conference: ‘Spaces and Mobilities in Mediatized Worlds’, 5-8 May 2015, Karlstad, Sweden. (David Cheruiyot).

The role of mobile media in development: The case of Kenya. Annual Conference of the International Network for Postgraduate Students in the Area of ICT4D (IPID), Università della svizzera italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland. (David Cheruiyot).

Academic awards

2021: Best Dissertation Award for 2019-2020 (2nd place and honorary mention in national contest) – the Swedish Media and Communication Research Association (FSMK) 

2020: Gene Burd Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Journalism Studies for 2019 (1st place in international contest) – Journalism Studies Division of the Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA).                                                                                         

2018: Stuart Hall Prize for Excellent Paper – The International Association for Media and Communications Research (IAMCR) award. [With co-author: Nothias Toussaint]                                                                             

2018: Top Paper Award – Journalism Studies Division of the Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA). [With co-authors: Stefan Baack and Raul Ferrer-Conill]    

2016: Top Paper Award – Global Communication and Social Change Division of the Annual Conference of International Communication Association (ICA). [With co-authors: Charu Uppal and Paola Sartoretto]     

Research Projects

2020-2021: Project: ‘‘Who’s Breaking the News’: Global Conflict Reporting in the Digital Age’ funded through 200,000-euro NWO Aspasia grant in the Netherlands.

2014-2019: Project: ‘News and Opinion in the Digital Era’, funded through 8.7 million-kroner grant by the Ander Centre for Research on News and Opinion in the Digital Era (NODE) in Värmlands, Sweden. 

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