Interview on Swiss Radio

I talked to Swiss Radio talk show host Feo Del Maffeo on my mobile media research project at the sidelines of an ICT conference at Università della Svizzera italiana on Septemeber 13. The interview was focused on the media in Kenya and my research project on the role of mobile news media in development.  It was broadcast on October 28 on the science and technology programme of RSI Rete UNO, the Swiss-Italian public broadcaster. To listen to the podcast, click here Lo Sciamano in bicicletta (Maffeo’s programme loosely translated as ‘The Shaman Cycling’). Maffeo introduced his show in the article, Benedette Scie Chimiche… Il cellulare e la diffusione di notizie in Kenya, or in English, the blessed Chemtrails … The cellular distribution of information in Kenya.


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